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GAAP Financials and Tax Returns

Doing business in today’s world has gotten more complex, increasing stakeholders needs.  Strong independent assurance provides critical information for investors and other stakeholders.

Real tax savings aren’t achieved without strategy.  They are realized through a disciplined, integrated approach to tax planning that anticipates how each tax challenge will affect the bottom line in order to deliver real savings for your company.

BackOffice Solutions will prepare GAAP compliant financial statements and IRS compliant tax returns, for example:

  • We will prepare your annual federal and state income tax returns.
  • We will provide tax planning to assure proper calculation of the tax liability for sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.
  • We will evaluate your business transactions and recommend the proper legal structure to minimize taxes and management liability risk.
  • We will assemble, compile, review and audit financial statements for presentation to third-party investors or lenders.
  • We will perform agreed upon procedures for mergers and acquisitions to confirm assets and liabilities or compliance audits to assure reporting requirements.

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