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Reliable IT Systems

Restaurants, hotels and retail businesses are crippled when IT services fail.  At a basic level, if the network goes down, then so does much business activity. If you spend time struggling with routine IT services, then how will you operate the business successfully?

Like most technologies, computer networks are a complicated tool, and to work at their peak efficiency, they need to be maintained.  Many restaurants, hotels and retailers adopt the “It works so why worry about it?” philosophy.  For those businesses, after the installation, their computer network is never touched again, until it stops functioning properly.  Unrecoverable data is just that, UNRECOVERABLE.  Regardless of how much money you are willing to pay, you are never going to get the financial, customer, or inventory information back, ever.  Starting from scratch is a terrifying prospect.

By outsourcing IT to BackOffice Solutions, you are essentially hiring a team of fully certified Information System Professionals to improve your network performance.  Similar to a full time employee, BackOffice Solutions will become a proactive part of your network system.  PROACTIVE is the key. 99% of fatal network errors could be easily avoided if caught and treated early.

Empower your business with affordable and responsive IT support 24/7 by BackOffice Solutions, for example:

  • We will maintain your business critical systems: operating system, workstations,  restaurant kitchen display screens, point of sale terminals, network, servers and telecommunication system.
  • We can configure your operating system for advance functionality to increase control of inventory and labor and to interchange data with major suppliers, resulting in increased productivity yields.
  • We provide a 24/7 support helpline to keep your business running.

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