Hospitality Accounting Services

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Hospitality Accounting Services

Hospitality Accounting Services

Whether it’s a hotel or an event center, as the owner or operator of a hospitality business, you have quite a few things occupying your time and energy. From hiring and paying workers, managing their schedules and complying with hospitality laws and regulations, to working with vendors and service contracts, planning around seasonal ebb and flow and managing everything else that needs to be done, it can be difficult to find time to plan for the future when you’re focused on staying afloat.

BackOffice Solutions can help. Our skilled, client-dedicated team of revenue specialists, accountants and more will give you the information and insights an internal accounting department might, giving you the space to think more about growing your business, and less about keeping the books. This means significantly reduced overhead costs, greater operational focus for you — and ultimately, a bigger bottom line for your business.

Let us crunch the numbers and handle day-to-day financials, while you dedicate your time and energy to providing customers with fantastic service and great environments.

Services for Your Unique Business

The BackOffice Solutions service team, led by an experienced controller dedicated to your business, includes tax specialists with training in sales and use tax compliance and reporting, revenue specialists, accountants, accounts-payable processors and more. The BackOffice team will focus on getting to know the things that make your business unique: You, your people, your vendors and suppliers, your reporting practices and more.

Our philosophy as consultants and accountants isn’t “one size fits all.” Each business in the hospitality sector is different and has different needs, which means that each hospitality business needs a team dedicated to understanding its unique challenges and opportunities alike.

Hospitality Accounting Technology

A top-line hotel wouldn’t use decade-old towels, nor do we believe in using yesterday’s technology for today’s accounting needs. Every client account BackOffice Solutions works on will enjoy the full extent of our technology resources and best-practices experience.

This includes:

  • Reconciling the books, from daily deposits to monthly bank statements
  • Paying vendors electronically or in any other manner you prefer
  • Consolidating financial information and making it accessible online 24/7
  • Generating periodic financial statements in your desired format, hosted online and easily exported to Excel or .pdf files for further analysis or printing

You and your executive management team will have access to comprehensive, clear financial information that matters to them, and so will your employees. Your team can use our 24/7 secure web portal to access authorized financial statements, their schedules and more.

An External Hospitality Bookkeeping Team

The BackOffice Solutions team empowers you to make informed decisions, just like an internal accounting department would. Our team offers comprehensive accounting services like hospitality accounting, hospitality bookkeeping, and hospitality payroll:

  • Producing comprehensive, consolidated financial information, like general ledger, payables, cash management, fixed assets and receivables
  • Verifying sales deposits, managing invoicing and payments to suppliers and service providers and establishing internal controls to prevent theft and fraud
  • Emailing you daily financial summaries and monthly statements of operations and balance sheets
  • Providing unlimited phone or in-person consultation on accounting and tax questions
  • Ensuring compliance with all local, state and federal regulations for taxes, permits, inspections, inventory and more

BackOffice Solutions gives you the information you need to track and manage revenue and expenses, letting you concentrate on growing your business and satisfying every customer who walks through your door.

Why Choose BackOffice?

BackOffice Solutions has over 30 years of experience at propelling businesses to growth with our resources, skills, and consulting solutions. Our drive is to help you do what you do best — expanding your business into its fullest potential.

At BackOffice Solutions, we’re proud to have called the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area our home for decades. Our dedication to these communities is a large part of what motivates us to help your organization succeed. The success of your business provides employment opportunities to our communities and brings capital into our local economy, all the while enabling you to realize your dream. We believe in win/win situations.

BackOffice Solutions helps businesses tackle hurdles like:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • IT
  • Government compliance
  • Employee benefits
  • Insurance
  • Capital

Our team includes CPAs, HR professionals, and IT experts who specialize in the hospitality industry. From daily employee screening services to year-end tax return strategies, we are committed to helping small business owners navigate the challenges involved in running a company.

Our commitment to you begins with our experienced transition team. Our dedicated transition coordinator will review your current procedures, helping you implement industry best practices while still ensuring continuity of your business’ key procedures. Your business will enjoy top-line service from a client-dedicated service team, and you’ll be in regular touch with an executive relationship contact to make sure we’re delivering to your satisfaction. And since our processing is performed in-house, you can rest assured knowing that your critical, sensitive data is not being outsourced to offshore providers.

While our services are designed to be a boon to a small to medium business of any size, our business solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of multi-unit hospitality businesses. We combine our experience with top-line technology to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Our end goal is simple: Reducing your administrative costs and helping you refocus your time and effort on looking forward, not keeping the lights on.

If you’re ready to focus your attention on growing and developing your business while leaving administrative tasks to expert professionals, contact BackOffice Solutions today.

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