Risk Assessment

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Assess Long-Term Commitments

Running a business is risky.  Most people do not develop a long-term financial strategy to identify potential risk.  In today’s business structure, all providers for services, products, insurance and real estate demand long-term commitments.  Assessing those long term effects of contracts will identify business pitfalls and assure success.

BackOffice Solutions will assess the cash flow impact of long-term commitments and liability coverage, for example:

  • Before committing future cash flow of your business, we should review the financial impact of long-term commitments: leases, loans, insurance, etc.
  • We can advice on insurance policies to assess premium cost and coverage based on your statement of values.
  • We can advice on franchise agreement commitments: suppliers, advertising, royalties, etc.
  • We can advice on supplier and vendor agreements.
  • We can review long-term lease commitments and provide restructuring recommendations to lower base rent, percentage rent or operating expenses.
  • We will evaluate long-term debt restructuring possibilities or negotiate new commitments with lenders.

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