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Accurate Information to Control Revenue and Expenses on a Timely Basis

BackOffice Solutions service team is your accounting department, led by an experienced controller.  Client-dedicated accountants, revenue specialists and accounts payable processors report to your controller and get to know your people, vendors and unique business and reporting practices.  A tax specialist is also assigned to your account and handles all of your sales and use tax compliance and reporting.

We process information much like your internal accounting department would, and we bring BackOffice Solutions technology resources and best practices experience to bear on each client account.  We pay vendors, for example, with printed checks or electronically.  We reconcile daily deposits and monthly bank account statements.  At the end of each accounting period, we’ll generate financial statements in your desired formats.

Your operators will love our easy-to-use, web-based financial statement presentation.  Through our secured user-based web portal, your team can access their authorized financial statements on their schedule and drill down to general ledger details and accounts payable images.  Financial reports are also easily exported to Excel and PDF for further analysis or printing.

Accounting services to measure results and make timely management decisions, for example:

  • We will manage the general ledger, payables, cash management, fixed assets and receivables to produce consolidated financial information.
  • Your consolidated financial information is accessible 24/7 via our web portal.
  • Our process will establish internal controls to prevent theft/fraud, verify sales deposits and control payments to suppliers and service providers.
  • We will send via e-mail financial summaries of daily results and monthly statement of operations and balance sheet.
  • We provide our clients unlimited consultation on accounting and tax questions by phone or in person.
  • We keep you compliant with state and federal regulations for sales taxes, business permits, inventory movements, etc.

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