Budget Planning

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Benchmark Daily Results

When opening a new restaurant or starting a new year, you must consider a wide range of complex factors: competitors, customers, sources of revenue, wages, services, food prices, gas prices, wages, rent, etc.

To address a changing business environment, restaurants need a budget to assess daily results.  BackOffice Solutions will build a “down and up” budget based on your assumptions, historical performance and contractual commitments to benchmark daily results.

BackOffice Solutions will also help you in decision making throughout the fiscal year, for example:

  • We will prepare cash flow budget to benchmark daily operational results in order to make decisions, explore development opportunities and seek lender financing.
  • We will project revenues and expenses based on your assumptions, historical performance, contractual commitments, market trends and economic conditions.
  • We will seek financing options based on the desired capital structure from traditional lenders to private equity groups to expand operations.

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