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Manage Employee Benefit Cost

The greatest asset of any organization is their people, but the job of managing human resources is often forgotten and not a priority.  This may be due to cost, lack of resources and/or lack of knowledge.  Operating without a quality Human Resources function exposes a company to risks with respect to employment law compliance, and without any real HR strategy, can hinder the company’s growth.  BackOffice Solutions provides an effective and cost efficient solution in such circumstances and delivers quality HR services without the expense.

Additionally, BackOffice Solutions allows companies to gain access to experts in the field of recruiting, coaching, training, compensation, compliance, employee relations and HR strategy. These experts might otherwise not be available if the company was relying solely on their in-house department.

BackOffice Solutions will address employee needs and let you focus on operations, for example:

  • We will verify minimum wage compliance.
  • We will design your Company’s policy and procedures.
  • We will design your Company’s policy and procedures to control employee benefit cost through employee contributions.
  • We will enforce your Company’s policy & procedures to reduce employee insurance claims.
  • We will represent the Company in state unemployment hearings.
  • We will assess the Company’s employee health insurance plan and recommend changes based on industry standards.
  • We will evaluate your Company’s compensation offerings to attract and retain top talent.
  • We can perform background checks to hire the right candidates.
  • We will process and maintain employee filings.
  • We will track benefits: vacation earned and paid, allowances, insurance and pension deductions (ERISA), wage garnishments, etc.
  • We will keep you abreast on state and federal employment law changes.
  • We will calculate and process worker’s compensation cost based on state guidelines.
  • If you are using our accounting services, we can record the employee benefits transactions to the Company’s general ledger.
  • We can prepare tax credits for FICA Tip, Work Opportunity (WOTC)  and Empowerment Zone.

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